Our temple portal www.htky.org developed by Ventech Solutions plays an integral role to provide both financial and reporting services that is much needed in our daily and year end activities. The HOMA Helpdesk support staff has been of great assistance to work with us on any issues in a time sensitive manner. Thank you Ventech Solutions.

- Treasurer, Hindu Temple of KY.

www.svtco.org has been developed by Ventech Solutions for the Sri Venkateswara Temple of Central Ohio. The website is very user friendly with many features to help us manage our donors, administrative functions very effectively. Ventech staff has been very helpful in working with us to resolve any issues in a timely manner. We hope to see many more reporting features available in future to accommodate our special needs.

- President, Sri Venkateswara Temple of Central Ohio

www.svtco.org is a new temple started in 2015. Ventech Solutions and HOMA helped us to get the website up and running in no time. HOMA's role based functionality and easy to configure helped us to manage the day to day activities, devotee registrations, reports, services and a lot more in a very structured manner. Ventech's technical support has been outstanding whenever required.

- IT Committee Chairperson, Sri Venkateswara Temple of Central Ohio

Our website www.guruvayurappanhouston.org is developed and maintaining by Ventech Solutions. This website has helped our organization to manage all our temple daily activities, pooja offering, donations and events effectively and easily. Ventech Solutions is providing the excellent technical support for us when it required. We are very happy with the services.

- President and Temple Board Members, Sri Guruvayurappan Temple, Houston

The portal www.therichmondtemple.org for our temple in Richmond, VA was developed by Ventech Solutions. It has streamlined the fiscal and resource management at our temple. The various search and report features keep the information at our finger tips. Ventech Solutions has been very responsive and timely in providing technical support whenever we needed it.

- Treasurer, Hindu Center of Virginia

www.therichmondtemple.org developed by Ventech Solutions has helped our organization to manage the donor, support effectively and also share the services offered by our temple to the Richmond community. We hope to see more features available in future to serve the needs of future generation.

- President & Executive Committee, Hindu Center of Virginia

The www.eMeenakshi.org portal developed by Ventech Solutions has revolutionized the fiscal and resource management at Sri Meenakshi Temple, Pearland, Texas. Ventech Solutions provided excellent services in a timely manner, communicated well, and responded quickly to our needs.

- Treasurer, Sri Meenakshi Temple, Pearland, Texas

Ventech Solutions architected, designed, developed and deployed a Role based Membership Management system, to manage membership services including scheduling staff and facilities, member registration, student registration, and collect funds for the services offered to members. The solution also provides organization wide MIS reports for all the services and events scheduled through the system.

- Temple Board Member, Sri Meenakshi Temple, Pearland, Texas

It gives me great pleasure in acknowledging the contributions that Ventech Solutions has done in the life of about 10,000 devotees who use the Bharathiya Hindu Temple’s web site www.columbushindutemple.org.

- Temple Board Member, Bharathiya Hindu Temple, Columbus, Ohio

We are very happy because the site is user friendly while displaying the authenticity of the culture that we are proud of. The art, audio and video while opening the site make us feel that we are really in a temple.

- Temple Devotee, Bharathiya Hindu Temple, Columbus, Ohio

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